Living By Real Faith For Maximum Impact (Audiobook)

" Without real faith, there will be real fear"

" Without real faith, there will be real fear" And nothing extraordinary will be achieved, for instance, I wrote this book in Serekunda, Gambia; West Africa on one of the greatest journey of faith of my life up until that time. Just because God spoke to me in Oke-Odo, Lagos, Nigeria. I set out with approximately $120 after a one-way ticket without a contact person nor a particular place in mind. After a rigorous journey the details of which I must spare you. I arrived in the Gambia and before the evening of that day I was properly settled in a nice guest house, courtesy of a ‘human angel’. One good experience gave birth to another. In the process, the idea of this book was conceived and I accomplished the mission. I had a terrific departure from the Gambia International airport in 2009 one that I still treasure till date. And while I was there ministering the message of this book became clearer. Without that little steps of faith, the breakthrough that followed would have been impossible. Here is my point, ‘WITHOUT REAL FAITH THERE won't BE REAL LIFE’ in fact without ‘REAL FAITH THERE WILL BE REAL PROGRESS’.There is really no sitting on the fence. Are you saying living by real faith is a must? The answer is yes and no. If you want to live an impactful life, the one you will be proud to say I have not only done my best but I have gone beyond myself somewhere along the line. Then, it is a capital yes. If this defines you, let us go all at once to really study this all-important subject.

"It is an Audiobook of almost an hour recorded to empower you to overcome life's difficult challenges. Listening to it will make you know that;

Real faith is tangible,’feelable’ and achievable. Without it, impactful life is a mirage. Real faith is like a pilot’s compass, without it, a crash is inevitable. It is like a traveler’s’ guide without which he/she will be lost."

Written and narrated by Rev.Wisdom O. Akinpelu an International Author with Nine (9) titles on AMAZON.COM, with the USA topping the list of where his books are selling the most.

An International Evangelist whose ministry is well received in the UK. A gospel movie producer/actor with gospel soap-opera movies shown on over Seven (7) TV stations including the United Kingdom and South Africa (of course Nigeria).

An Inspirational Speaker with no dull moment. You can reach him for an invitation through his official lines; +2348119387233 +2348097452871.or by email; and through his website:

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