POWER OF SEX (Audiobook)

"Sex power is invincible yet real"

Sex power is invincible yet real.If all of us will come to terms with the understanding of the power of sex we will achieve more and be successful beyond our wildest imagination. This audiobook promises to be listeners' delight.

It is an audiobook that nailed the truth on the head about sex.

It described sex power as that which is released when female and male organs come in close contact.

It is the peak of excitement for humanity made available by God, guided by His(GOD’S) strict rules.It represents the highest form of expression of love made possible for man and woman on the planet earth by God the Creator. The truth is, a sexually satisfied human being is healthy and function at his /her best. Besides, pure unpolluted sex life will give a person positive self-esteem, makes him a whole person that can walk tall without any sense of inner guilt which is cancerous and can eat deep to the whole essence of human dignity.

Written and narrated by Rev.Wisdom O. Akinpelu an International Author with Nine (9) titles on AMAZON.COM, with the USA topping the list of where his books are selling the most.

An International Evangelist whose ministry is well received in the UK. A gospel movie producer/actor with gospel soap-opera movies shown on over Seven (7) TV stations including the United Kingdom and South Africa (of course Nigeria).

An Inspirational Speaker with no dull moment. You can reach him for an invitation through his official lines; +2348119387233 +2348097452871.or by email; wisdomakinpelu@yahoo.co.uk and through his website: www.wisdomakinpelu.org.

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