"Ayajo-Jesu" 'Yoruba' Gospel Incantational lyrics(AudioCD)

Ayajo Jesu Prayer Incantations.

"Ayajo-Jesu" Jesus Incantation is a violent take it by force prayer approach (mp3Audio) couched in an African traditional system of spiritual warfare. Fully rendered in the Yoruba Language and laced with the Bible and the richness of the manifold blessings of Jesus death and resurrection.

" Ayajo-Jesu" is a Gospel Incantational Lyrics, Praise, and Poetry Audio with a music background. Presented in a spiritual 'war-like' tone say after me prayer approach.

It is best suited for the early morning prayer time. To take control of the day. Rendered in 'Yoruba' local language, though interpreted in the English Language towards the end. Making use of it during prayer will unleash the power of Jesus.

Written, composed by Rev.Wisdom O. Akinpelu (and sang together with Pastor(Mrs) Abiodun A. Akinpelu and co.) an International Author with Nine (9) titles on AMAZON.COM, with the USA topping the list of where his books are selling the most.

An International Evangelist whose ministry is well received in the UK. A gospel movie producer/actor with gospel soap-opera movies shown on over Seven (7) TV stations including the United Kingdom and South Africa (of course Nigeria).

An Inspirational Speaker with no dull moment. You can reach him for an invitation through his official lines; +2348119387233 +2348097452871.or by email; wisdomakinpelu@yahoo.co.uk and through his website: www.wisdomakinpelu.org.

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