How To Create Wealth From Scratch: Agglomeration of the Basic Superfluity of Wealth.

You Too Can Create Wealth From Scratch.

WAIT! DON’T CONFUSE MONEY MAKING TO BUILDING WEALTH. You may be cash-strapped right now and yet be on your way to being WEALTHY STUPENDOUSLY. At the same time, you may have a lot of money right now and be financially stranded in a matter of days, months or years. In The Law of The Agglomeration of The Basics, you will discover a new path to create lasting and legitimate wealth. Written by Wisdom O Akinpelu an International Author with over Twelve (12) titles on AMAZON.COM, with the USA topping the list of where his books are selling the most. An International Speaker whose ministry is well received in the UK. A movie producer/actor with soap-opera movies shown on over Seven (7) TV stations including the United Kingdom and South Africa (of course Nigeria). An Inspirational Speaker with no dull moment. You can reach him for an invitation through his official lines; +2348119387233 +447459424249.or by email; and through his website:

How To Create Wealth From Scratch: Agglomeration of the Basic Superfluity of Wealth.

It is the ‘narrative’ of the superiority of the basic(simple and easy) over hard and complex in Wealth Building Mechanisms. It charts a new course for people and entrepreneurs to make a financial fortune this evening in our world. It is a new way of thinking to achieve financial freedom you will like it. Several years ago I started from the agglomeration end of wealth creation instead of starting from the basic. The financial gravity pulled me down and in my search for what was responsible for my’ financial fall’, I discovered The Law of Agglomeration of The Basics.

Even if you are not planning to be wealthy but you pay consistent attention to The Law of Agglomeration of The Basics, you are already on a journey to Superfluous Wealth. However, if you make up your mind to be wealthy but neglect or refuse to pay attention to The Law of Agglomeration of the Basics you will find out that where you are going to arrive is not the destination you preplanned. The Agglomeration of The Basics is The Superfluity of Wealth and Fortune. I encourage you to read this book meditatively.

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